Just a few years ago, there was no such thing as an electronic cigarette. When they were first released, they were an expensive novelty, and few people took them seriously. At first, they were harsh, strong, and difficult to use. As time progressed, they improved. The main factors were the first harsh drag, which was very strong, and some of them stayed that strong all the

A reusable one was introduced, and that made major changes in the market for them. Still expensive, some people ‘smoked’ them exclusively. The cartridges were still expensive, and the kit itself cost a bundle. Smoking tobacco was far cheaper, still. Some people stuck exclusively with the new electronic cigarettes, however, because with those, one could take a drag on them anywhere, even under a ‘no smoking’ sign! The only by-product being water vapor, it is possible to even take some drags on it without anyone even knowing that you have it.

But things changed. Reusable became refillable, and soon, electronic cigarettes took on a new life, and a new kind of smoker began to buy them. People discovered that they came in flavors, and the strength of the hit was adjustable. One could mix flavors and have either high nicotine, low nicotine, and sometimes no nicotine. The flavors became bountiful and fresh. It was something totally new in the life of the smoking world. People got to realize that smoking was actually costing more than what they were spending on cigarettes. Lighters and ashtrays, new clothes from burn holes, and even new sheets and pillow cases had to be bought because of the burn holes.

Houses stink of cigarette smoke after a person has been smoking in it for a while. With the new electronic cigarettes, the only by-product is water vapor. With a tobacco cigarette, one needs to keep puffing on it to keep it lit and to make sure that it doesn’t go to waste — even if they do not want any more of it. Then, they find that they have to have a place to store the burnt cigarette. With an electronic cigarette, it is not lit until you take a puff, and it goes out right away. They are no wasted smoke, no wasted vapor. It is only active while a drag is taken on it. That saves the battery life and vapor inside the device.

Then, at long last, electronic cigarettes became cheaper than tobacco cigarettes.
All it takes is a few minutes of calculation to figure out what smoking is really costing you, compared to what the electronic cigarettes cost. You will find that a comparable tobacco habit versus the electronic cigarette costs nearly ten times the amount. Then, will you compute coupons into the factor, you realize how much money you could save by switching to electronic cigarettes. Now, with Vapor4Life Coupons: get discounts up to 25% off Vapor4life products with this coupon code — you will find the coupon code at their website.

Many of them come with a holder so that you can drape it around your neck, and it will always be right there in front of you. Others come with clips like ink pens, so it can be held in your pocket like a pen, and no one will even know it is there. Some people do this, but at home, they keep a larger one for home use. They come in kits — large or small — and with different strengths of nicotine in the bottle, or adjustable by the user while they are ‘vaping.’

You can go to the site and type in Vapor4Life Coupons, and they will give you a coupon code for much of the cost of the original purchase of the kit. That in itself is a big saver.

Another thing that is saved is your lungs and the smell of your clothing, the teeth — all the effects of tobacco that cause people to know that you are a smoker. Soon, all of those disappear, and it will be possible to have a nice ‘vape’ instead of a ‘smoke.’

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