Welcome to Coupons and Free Stuff, where you will be able to easily locate the best buys and save money when it counts (that is, whenever you find you have to open your wallet!). I don’t know why it’s sometimes so hard to find the best coupons for the stuff we are buying.

Just today, for example, I wanted to check out a particular computer – not an uncommon one, and I just knew there would be a savings code for it, and so I searched around, and found about 4 different sites – and each one had the same code and expiration for the brand. When I tried it, the code didn’t work, even though the expiration is like 3 weeks away. It wasn’t just one site, so it made me think that the brand stopped the promotion mid-stream for some reason.

So, what I’m going to try doing is guide you to reliable deals (although I know that sites can’t be on top of every single one 100% of the time). So, come back and I should have some good tips for you!